Monday, March 30, 2009

There's Really No Such Thing As A Bad Weekend

I didn't even leave my house one time the entire weekend, spent the entire time inside, didn't ever get dressed, but got a lot done and enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Friday Randy went and got groceries since we were in for a major winter storm. I fixed chili for dinner and we hung out watching basketball. I got a call that tri practice was cancelled for Saturday due to the weather. This worked out since I still wasn't feeling too well.

I awoke Saturday morning expecting a massive amount of snow on the ground, but it didn't come until later. When it did finally begin to fall, it was pretty unreal - snowflakes as big as the palm of my 6-year-old's hand! They were huge and falling fast! I have pictures that I'll try to upload at home tonight.

I fixed a yummy breakfast of french toast, bacon, and fruit for the fam and then we dove into some major spring cleaning. It was a pretty productive day, followed by a relaxing evening by the fire with a bottle of wine and a movie. Oh yeah, Rylie and I also baked monster cookies together and they turned out to be quite delicious!

Yesterday I was up early with Harper since it was Randy's day to sleep in. I fixed breakfast again and spent the rest of the day doing laundry and some light cleaning. Rylie and I did a project together. Nothing spectacular, but time with the fam is always great.

I have to run tonight and it will be my first run since last Monday. I hope I don't cough up a lung...and I hope I'm not jumping in too fast and hard this week. I have a lot on my plate, training wise, this week. So I hope I am recovered and rested up enough to be able to do it all. St Louis is only 20 days away, so I can't afford to miss any more days.

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  1. Hope your feeling better Ashley! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Good luck with your training this week!