Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Review

First off, I successfully completed my 7 mile run on Friday! You can read more about it at JourneyToABetterMe. So it's official everyone: I WILL be running in the St Louis half marathon! It's just 5 weeks away, so the next 5 weeks are gonna be crazy!

Friday evening began with Rylie going to her very first slumber party ever. She was so excited! After I dropped her off, I went to go buy running shorts since the weather is getting warmer and I only have running pants/capris. Well....I ended up buying a running skirt. They're so cute and it was comfy too, so I figured why not give it a shot. After my purchase, I was so excited to test it out that I decided to go ahead and do my 7 mile run. As I said, the details of the run are in my other blog, but it felt pretty darn good to accomplish it. Not much else happened Friday night other than I iced my shins and tried to go to bed but was too wound up.

Saturday morning Randy picked Rylie up from the slumber party and she and I headed out the door for the Snake Saturday parade. Well, after driving around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot that was closer than a mile away, we finally gave up and I took her to Quick Trip to get a slush as a consolation.

Saturday was pretty much a day of errands and running around. Randy got the bike rack for his car finally. Then we all went up to the bike shop so I could have them fix the computer on my bike and so I could also purchase a pair of tri shorts. Yeah, $68 for a stinkin pair of spandex padded shorts! Um, that could have been a new pair of jeans! :\ Oh well...

We headed home after that so Harper could take a nap and then I went up to the mall. I *finally* exchanged the perfume Randy got me for my birthday. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. I went up a couple weeks ago and got several samples based on your suggestions. I did really like both the DKNY Delicious fragrances. I actually came close to purchasing Be Delicious a couple years ago. The only thing was that it seemed to wear off quickly and I wanted something stronger. I also really enjoyed Ralph Wild. I pretty much love all of the Ralph fragrances too. And I actually already own Lacoste Touch of Pink. After many, many, many, MANY sniffing & sampling, I finally decided on Viva La Juicy. It's a floral scent that is also pretty sweet and also strong enough to last all day. I REALLY like it! I find myself constantly smelling myself all day long, lol.

Saturday evening we all drove up to Liberty to have dinner at Uno. I had a gift card that I got from Randy's dad for my birthday and we also had a $5 off coupon, so it was a pretty cheap dinner. When we got home, Josh & Kristen came over and we all had a few drinks and watched Role Models.

Sunday was pretty laid back. I took my bike out for a ride since it was pretty nice out. My parents came up for a couple hours to see Harper and then they took Rylie back with them. She's on spring break this week, so she's staying at their house until Saturday. Randy and I grilled last night - steaks, baked potatoes, and asperagus - YUMMM!!! I so love this time of year!

All in all, my weekend was both productive and enjoyable. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)

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  1. Mwahaaahahah! You've been sucked into the addiction, just like the rest of us!! But seriously, congrats - I really enjoyed training for my half and my first race, it was a great experience.