Friday, March 27, 2009

I Work With Too Many MU Fans


My friend Brandon and I are running the brackets here at work for the tournament. It amazes me how many people have MU winning the entire tournament! I'm a die hard KU fan, and I don't even have them winning today. It's just the reality of it. We all want our teams to win the championship, but is it really going to happen? MU has had a decent year and all, but they're no national champions - that's for sure!

ANYWAY, I like to play pranks at work and today was the perfect day. There's a guy here who is a die hard MU fan. In fact, pretty much everyone here today is either wearing KU or MU attire. Well, this particular guy is always talking $hit to the KU fans and what not. Well, I took my friend's stuffed MU Tiger and put it on his desk, laying on it's back with a plastic butter knife to his throat with red marker "blood" on the knife. I then stole his MU coffee mug and left a ransom note saying "If you would like to see your mug alive again, please leave 2 Hershey's bars under the water fountain on the 10th floor. Otherwise, your mug will end up like this tiger." Let's just say I'm enjoying some tasty chocolate right now. ;)

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  1. People who want to be feared and hated are always complaining about their own success.