Monday, February 2, 2009

Um yeah...

So my weekend pretty much consisted of working on with Melissa. Okay, so actually we were trying to install software to scan pics for like 10 hours on Saturday...whilst consuming some BROskies and laughing our asses off at our old pictures and ideas to blog about. LOLsies.... Sunday, we finally gave up and went to Wally World to scan the pics. Took an hour with each of us on a different scanner.....BUT, we finally got some quality photos to be posted soon to The Bung Blog for your viewing pleasure.

I went out Friday night with my little sister and was pretty much the THIRD oldest person in the bar, behind some white trash old lady and then a guy I went to high school with that is turning 30 tomorrow (I turn 30 in.....25 days....). Everyone else there was pretty much 21/22ish. But it's all good cuz I forgot how cheap Emporia bars are. I only spent like $10 and that bought me 3 beers & part of a pitcher. Then I had a beer and a jager bomb (I shower in that shit) bought for me. And after the wine and vodka drinks I had at mom & dad's before we went out, I was good to go. Ran into my cousin Kaila and hung out with her most of the night. Got about 6 hours of sleep and then bunged it up with Militia. Good times.

Now I'm back at work.....but hardly working. I need to though. I just have too much other stuff on my mind. Official triathlon training begins this week. I'm amped!!! Lots going on, homies!

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