Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Baby Boy!!!

Happy birthday to Cooper, aka Coopy Doggy Dogg! My baby boy is 8 years old today! It seems like just yesterday that he was a little puppy...and now he's a grown boy! I love this dog with all my heart and can't wait to give him lots of hugs & doggy treats tonight!

I'm at work right now, so unfortunately this is the only pic I have available (I have LOTS more at home). This was taken a couple years ago when Rylie thought she'd tuck him in for the night, lol. Being the obedient dog that he is, he sweetly complied. Happy birthday, boy! I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Wow, lot's of special Birthdays this week!!! :)

    (That picture is so cute. What a good boy!)

  2. aww how cute my cats birthday is march 3rd and then my other cats is april 2nd so I cant wait for those. Aren't animals awesome.

  3. he's a cutie! You'll have to spoil him rotten when you get home. Goldens are the best. They just want to love and be loved. One of my goldens, Ella, let a two year old bury her in sand last summer. Seriously! She was just happy for the attention. We used to call her an attention whore but eventually we just shortened it to 'whore'. She doesn't seem to mind though. It's funny because if someone says 'whore' she thinks they're talking to her.

    Happy birthday Cooper!