Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Weekend: Great for Me, Bad for my Liver

I had an awesome weekend....but my liver didn't, lol. Damn alcohol.

I left work on Friday and went to pick up my friend Kristy so we could go tan and grab a few drinks at happy hour. Happy hour ended up lasting a good 4 hours. We consumed Long Island Ice Teas, martinis, beers, and a couple appetizers. So great for the diet...especially after all the food I consumed at work for our treat day. No wonder the number on the scale was not in my favor this morning. Regardless, we had a good time. It was nice to catch up and we went ahead and made plans to get together again on Sunday.

Saturday I had practice in OP at 7am, so I had to leave the house shortly after 6am. Our coaches left after lap swimming was over and then entire team went and hopped in the hot tub - that was the highlight of practice. :) I then got showered and cleaned up in the locker room and headed over to Gary Gribbles to get fitted for running shoes and load up on running gear. It was close to noon by the time I got home. I ate lunch and gave Harper a bath while Randy ran some errands. Then I headed out to run my own errands. I had to run by Hyvee to pick up a few things for dinner and then I went to the mall to get a new bra at VS, Vday cards at Hallmark, and then I headed over to Bath & Body Works to load up on goodies and redeem a few freebies with my coupons.

I got home and started fixing dinner around 4:00. I made an AMAZING lasagna with salad and garlic bread. Did I mention that the lasagna was amazing?? :) Randy got me a bottle of red wine and bought him a bottle of dessert wine, so we sat down to eat a yummy dinner and consume our wine while watching netflix movies - Zack & Miri Make a Porno and Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist. I wasn't expecting much of Zack & Miri because it went to dvd pretty quickly, but it was actually really good - efing hilarious!! I thought Nick & Nora was going to be really good, and it wasn't all that great. I ended up drinking a THIRD bottle of wine near the end of the night, so I was good and buzzed. Randy and I then engaged in some adult behavior and I passed out around 11:00. Great Vday. :)

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, typical of most Sundays in our household. We did go to Wal-Mart to get Harper a high chair and to get a few other odds & ends. We also stopped by Randy's grandparents house so the family could see Harper. I also caught up on a few shows on the dvr. Then Sunday night we went to Kristy & Dave's for dinner and Desperate Housewives. Well....we ended up staying until 2:30am and consuming many adult beverages. Good thing they live in our neighborhood, so the drive home was just a couple blocks. That was a fun night. Once again, Randy and I engaged in adult behavior when we got home....only a little crazier than the night before.

Yesterday we were both off for Presidents Day. Good thing too, cuz Randy was hungover as all get out (he spent most of the day in bed) and I wasn't feeling that great myself. It didn't help that Harper got up at 7:15 yesterday morning. I finally went and swam my 20 laps at the Gladstone Community Center. Then I came home and showered and then drove to Ottawa to go meet my dad to Rylie. When I got there, she was pouting in the car. Turns out she got a HUGE wad of gum stuck in her hair. We headed back to KC and I called my mother-in-law to see if she could perform an emergency haircut on Rylie. Mind you, Rylie has only had trims her entire life and has really long, beautiful hair. Well....she had long, beautiful hair. She got about 6 inches taken off and now it's at her shoulders. It really is pretty cute....just a shock. She's never really had a hair cut before, so it was sad to see her long locks go.

After the hair cut, Randy took Rylie to a birthday party while I stayed home with Harper and finished up some laundry. After the girls were in bed, Randy and I watched The Bachelor and I drank another bottle of wine. Why....I'm not really sure. My back was killing me and I thought it would help me relax, which it did. But all the food & booze this weekend did not help me lose any weight. Ah, frustration.

Anyway, it's just a 4 day work week this week, so that's nice. On the tri training agenda for the rest of the week: cycling today, running tomorrow and Saturday - 3 miles each day. I've got some yoga and muscle conditioning in the mix too. Should be good times. Oh yeah, and T - 10 days until I turn........30.


  1. best to throw in a few bottles of water with all that 'cheer'! ;)
    thanks for well wishes!! much appreciated!

  2. Hey Ashley! Just saw your comment on my blog... IKEA IS a store! It's got all kinds of home furnishing type things. But because it's so massive, they also serve food! The cafeteria is on the top floor and they serve breakfast and then authentic Swedish dishes (like meatballs and stuff.) Then on the bottom floor they also have a snack bar with regular hot dogs and popcorn, that kind of thing. A friend of mine sent me a piece of Flair on Facebook that says, "If Costco and Disneyland had a baby and Target raised it, it would be IKEA." *haha* So true.