Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Stray Lab

I really love dogs and all........

......but this dog has GOT TO GO!!!!! OMG, I came home and found that not only had this dog had massive diarrhea all over our garage (probably from the 4 bowls of food he consumed last night!!!), but he also got into all the trash and chewed on everything he could find from laundry baskets to the shop vac hose! He pissed on the spare bed mattress and THANK THE LORD he didn't do anything to my road bike, which is worth almost more than my car! I would have shot him dead. I knew we shouldn't have trusted a stray animal in our home while we were not there. I'm making Randy take him somewhere as soon as he gets home. I already have 2 big dogs, 2 kids (one being a baby), and a husband to clean up after. I'm not adding a large PUPPY to the mix. No thanks.

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