Thursday, January 15, 2009


A couple days ago I had a message from a guy on facebook. The subject line was "You probably don't remember me" and then he went on to say that we used to email each other a few years ago and that I must have left an impression on him because he remembered my name. I kind of wondered if he possibly had me confused with someone else...but then he asked if that was Cooper in my profile picture, so he must know me to know personal info about me. I mean, my page is private so I'm not sure how he would know my dog's name. His page is private too and his profile pic is of a baby, so I really couldn't place who he was. He mentioned that we used to email each other around 6 or 7 years ago. Well, that does sound about was right before Randy and I met and I did used to go onto a few sites and meet people.

So I messaged him back and asked how/where we met and got involved with emailing each other. I felt bad for not remembering him because I'm usually the one that remembers people, not the other way around. I got a message back from him yesterday saying that we met on Yeah, I was on that site around 6 - 7 years ago. He then went on to ask if that was my little girl in my pic and said that I was pregnant with her when we used to talk and he asked if I ended up naming her Rylie Kayden - correct spelling and all! Pretty impressive! Anyway, he's married now and he and his wife just had a baby boy in October. It was cool to catch up and all. I just don't ever think anyone has remembered so much about me for so long after not even knowing me like that. I must have made an impression on him. Kind of flattering, I guess.

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