Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Obama Day!!!!!!!!!

Our IT department went crazy and decided to block any kind of video and radio today because of the inaguration - lame! So everyone was in the cafeteria to watch on the tv's down there. If they hadn't blocked it on our computers, we could still work at our desks and watch it at the same time. So yeah, that was stupid. Oh well, I went down and watched and Randy dvr'd it, so I'll watch it again tonight. Ry was so cute this weekend - she wanted to bank a cake for MLK Jr's bday and also for Obama. So yeah, dark chocolate would be the flavor, lol.

Funny thing happened Saturday night. Charren and Alex were over and Char was saying how they had a couple coming over the next day to look at their foster dog and see about adopting him. She was all, "yeah, their names are Angie and Rich Yates." I was like, um - I know them! Rich is my "ex husband", LOL!!!! Ah, the magic of Mardi Gras! Such a small world! And then Brewer called just a few minutes later, so I had to tell him about it. It was so funny!

So, we got a new dog on Saturday - a black lab named Callie. She is so awesome! She's needy, tho - needs attention ALL the time! But once Cooper gets his stitches out, they will be really good together. We let them play Saturday and Coop's stitches ended up busting and he ear is all swollen now, so we've had to keep them separated since then. But Callie is really good. She's house trained and very obedient. She does try to get on the furniture a lot, but if we yell at her to get down, she gets down. No, she doesn't get funky. She just gets off the furniture. She's been sleeping in our bed with us, which is fine and all except that she's shedding pretty bad, so we ordered a Furminator off of Ebay. Pretty much ready for that to get here!

Harper is officially in the big girl car seat - still rear facing, but she has outgrown the carrier. What a chunk! She'll be doing the truffle shuffle before long!

Sunday I totally had a "moment." I sat there feeling so content with life and thinking "how did I get so lucky to have 2 wonderfully behaved children, 2 awesome dogs, and the best husband ever??" I love moments like that. I need to remember to hold onto them more than I do...

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  1. I think you know you found the right path in life no matter how hard it was to get there when you have those "moments" when you are so happy with family. I get that way all the time like I love my fiance and 3 cats and a dog i don't deserve this. Ha btw love your blog.