Friday, April 10, 2009

Peep Show!!

This pic gave me a good LOL!!!

How is everyone out there in blogland? I've pretty much neglected this blog this week. But in all honestly, not much exciting has really happened in my life, other than training which I blog about at JourneyToABetterMe. But if you wanna skip reading through all of that, I can basically sum it up for you by letting you know that I ran 11.4 miles on Wednesday and have pretty much been barely able to walk ever since. The St Louis Half Marathon is 9 days away!! last long run before the race is officially over. Now I'm just babying my muscles and trying to prepare them for the big day.

Things on the home front are pretty good other than the girls are both kind of sick. Randy is taking Harper to the doctor today cuz she's been sounding really hoarse lately. It's kind of hard to tell since she's not really talking yet....but you can hear it when she cries and when she babbles. She just doesn't sound like herself at all. I'm sure it's nothing major...but better safe than sorry. I think Rylie just has a cold or allergies. Oh by the way, she won first place in the Easter coloring contest at Randy's work. She won a $15 gift card to Target, which she is super excited about using this weekend. :)

Randy and I are supposed to go to dinner tonight, which I am very much looking forward to. Tomorrow we're taking the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt at a family friend's house. They live out in the country and go all out with this HUGE event. Should be fun!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful Easter!! :)

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  1. Wahhaahaahaa!! That picture made me laugh out loud, that is hilarious. I have a whole package of those pink bunnies at home, I'm just not going to be able to look at them the same way now. And I thought peeps were all cute and innocent...

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!! I hope you're getting over the soreness and can enjoy it. :) The good news is, it gets better - first time I did 10 miles it completely killed me for at least a week and I just did 20 on Tuesday and wasn't sore the next day. I think it's only really bad the first time you do something, then your body adjusts.